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Active Rehab in Queensborough

Active Rehab is a specialized movement program designed to help improve or recover physical function after traumatic injury, surgery, or health crisis

Active rehab, also known as kinesiology, is one of the many solutions available to you at Hamilton Village Health Centre. Our kinesiologist is here to guide and support you in completing a program that will restore your health.

The many types of conditions that respond well to active rehab include:

Injury Rehabilitation By Kinesiologists

The ultimate goal of Active Rehab is to get you back to full movement function in the shortest period of time possible while supporting the patient in building an exercise routine which they can incorporate into their lifestyle even after they have graduated from the program.

We know how important quality of life, sport and being active is and therefore make it our mission to provide you with the best relief, recovery and performance experience possible at Hamilton Health.

Why Our Treatments Work

We offer one of the best collaborative rehab systems in Richmond. We transition you seamlessly from our in-house Physiotherapists (for acute injury treatment) to our advanced Kinesiology services; balancing the body and getting you back to the sports and/or activities that you love to do.

Patient Registrations

In order to register, patients must meet the following criteria:

1. DO NOT have a current family physician

2. Richmond, BC address 

If you meet the above criteria, begin your new patient registration below.

Insurance FAQ?

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