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Holter Monitoring On-Site at Hamilton Village Health Centre

The team at HV Medical offers comprehensive Holter Monitoring services right on-site, ensuring prompt and precise cardiac care tailored to your needs. Our Holter Monitoring services are designed to provide accurate insights into your heart's activity over an extended period, helping to diagnose and manage potential cardiac issues.

Holter Monitoring involves wearing a small, portable device that continuously records your heart’s electrical activity (ECG) for an extended period, usually 24 to 48 hours. This non-invasive test allows our specialists to assess your heart rhythm and detect irregularities that may not be captured during a standard ECG. 

Why Choose HV Medical for Holter Monitoring?

How to Access Holter Monitoring Services:

If your primary care practitioner recommends Holter Monitoring or if you have any concerns about your heart’s health, schedule an appointment with HV Medical. Our team will guide you through the process and ensure you receive the necessary care and attention  for your cardiac health. 

Patient Registrations

In order to register, patients must meet the following criteria:

1. No current family physician, please note that this includes patients whose GP has recently retired or is retiring

2. Have a New Westminster or Richmond, BC address 

If you meet the above criteria, begin your new patient registration below.

Insurance FAQ?

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