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Queensborough, Port Royal, Hamilton Village, East Richmond, New Westminster

Geriatric & Elder Care in Richmond, BC

Our care philosophy puts an emphasis on maximizing and supporting quality of life for our elders.

Our team specializes in providing the highest-quality care to patients with complex or multiple chronic conditions, cognitive impairment, mobility issues, and frailty. Our goals are to help our patients maintain function, support patients’ priorities for their care, and improve quality of life.In addition to traditional medical treatments, we offer holistic and integrative health therapies to help strengthen patients’ minds and bodies.

Our Geriatrics team understands that the management of conditions can often be complex. At Hamilton Health, we use a team-based approach in which our Geriatrics physicians, pharmacists, and rehab specialist collaborate to provide the most thorough treatment plan possible.

What Makes Us Different

Our team of family doctors are more than ready to welcome patients of all ages. We provide complete medical care in a modern office with up-to-date equipment. Book an appointment with us, today. We are easily accessible via phone or our online contact form. Alternatively, you may go directly for an office visit.

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We accept walk-in appointments depending on doctor availability. Begin your new patient registration.

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Hamilton Health is in-network with most major insurance companies. Click below to find out if you’re covered.