Dr. Parm Bisla, Chiropractor (Easy Therapy) BSc(Cell Bio), BSc(Kin), DC

Overview And Experience


Dr. Parm Bisla is a graduate from the University of Western States Chiropractic School and also holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Cell Biology from the University of Western States and in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. He gained a passion for this profession after religiously taking medication for sports injuries and frustrated by the little to no improvements he saw. He later resorted to seeing a chiropractor and eventually set out on his own journey to become one, after realizing the potential it had to change lives. Dr. Bisla believes that educating his patients is imperative so they have a better understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. He works towards creating a relationship with his patients that is not focused merely on their current discomfort, but rather one that leads his patients on the path to a healthier lifestyle. He finds his role very fulfilling and takes pride in helping his patients become pain free. Dr. Bisla has treated patients from all walks of life, ranging from 2 weeks to 104 years of age and his areas of expertise include pain management, proactive healthcare and anti-aging. Outside of work, Dr. Bisla’s interests include sports, cars and science.

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