JD Puri, Pharmacy Manager (PharmaSave) - BSc(Pharm), RPh

Overview And Experience

JD completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of British Columbia in 2013. He brings a wealth of knowledge and tremendous experience to the Hamilton Village healthcare team. Born and raised in the small town of Quesnel, BC, JD was drawn to the “small-town” feel in the communities of Hamilton Village and Queensborough, therefore he will serve an integral role in the collaborative patient-centered care model. In his University days, JD was actively involved in advocacy roles in the profession, with the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society. Upon graduation, JD worked at a couple of different pharmacies and was a bit disheartened with some of his early experiences. He persevered and looked for different avenues to use his clinical skills. After gathering all of this experience in regulation, advocacy and clinical practice, JD has ended up where he has always wanted to be; behind the counter, running a pharmacy the way it should be run! JD, his wife Sukhi and their 2 children Eli and Ella are invested in more than just the Hamilton Village Health Centre. JD also resides in the community and is planning on working long hours to serve these communities that have been neglected for so long. When not working behind the counter you may catch JD playing golf, tennis, basketball, out for a jog or in the playground with his family.

Phone Number:

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